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E-Commerce SEO Service

Ahmedabad, India

Ecommerce Seo Services Will Increase Revenue

E-commerce is a big term in these days. Everyone is struggling to set up their online store. The organization is investing a lot of money for their Ecommerce store. But it is west until an effective eCommerce Web Design Services and SEO it is like a book without publishing it. Effective SEO gives a boost to your e-commerce Website to rank on top. And for SEO you need a professional who understands the niches of the product and search engine algorithms with expert knowledge. Hitz Digital Marketing agency is one of the leading digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad that helps you fulfill your dream digit sales figure.

Our Way of Working

Understand Product Key Features

With this first to understand what the product is all about and what are the key plus point of product which needs to be covered up in front of the right audiences.

Keyword Research for Your Business

After Studying product the process goes with keyword research. Find out the best performing keyword.



Audience Defined

This is a very crucial process in order to understand the right potential customer for the product. It takes a deep understanding of the market and needs time and perfect research as well.

Competition Analysis

We should know with whom we are running and how to beat them. By competition, analysis finds which keywords are they using. and how could it help to us?

Store Optimization

By store optimization, we make sure that your store is easy to navigate for the user and is capable to crawl by the search engine bots. The website has an all necessary part.

Build an On-Page Strategies and Implementation

By store optimization we get to know which part is lacking, We assign a right on a page title, description, keywords and make it perfect.

Link Building

Esides your website, where is the right place for your product needs to appear? A right link can boost your sale very high. Find out the right quality backlink for your site which drives traffic to your site and earns a link for you.

Social Content to Build Trust for Product

Social media is playing a very big role in grabs the attention of people for your product. By creating highly valuable content strategies on your social media will definitely help your business.

Valuable Content Creation

As we all heard content is king. An optimized content with the right keyword density make the product page with keyword rich content. We create your site perfect appearance, easy to navigate and keyword reach content.

During this process, it is necessary for the client to understand what we are playing for. We must understand how a user is behaving on the store. We keep involving our client throughout the journey. Updating with detailed reporting of keyword positioning, link building report, etc.

Our Way of Working

Target based viewpoint

Pre-project research & analysis

URL optimization

Products Review

Duplicate content Optimization

Fix Crawl Error

Effective strategies

Quality Control

Disavow spam links

High DA Backlinks

Mobile view optimization

Real-time reporting

E-Commerce SEO Service in Ahmedabad
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